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Baton Rouge, La. (March 6, 2019) — The following is a statement from Truth in Politics (TIP) spokesperson Jay Connaughton regarding the recent attempts by Gov. John Bel Edwards and his legal team to silence a radio advertisement campaign criticizing him for his policy failures.

“Late last week, we launched a month-long radio campaign on more than 20 stations in nearly every market in Louisiana. John Bel Edwards didn’t like the fact that someone was finally calling him out on his failed record as governor. In an attempt to silence and intimidate us, he hired Hillary Clinton’s lawyers to threaten legal action and bring down our message. We voluntarily changed a word or two, and the context of our ad remains the same. They failed in their attempts to silence us, and the ads ran all weekend and continue to run today.

Every voter, in every corner of our state, no matter what community they come from deserves to know that this governor is making life harder. He has no plan other than to raise taxes on those families who struggle the most. Edwards’ education policies stand to hurt poor, inner-city families more than anyone. Edwards’ failure to deny education officials the money they need for early childhood programs is especially painful to those in need. Governor Edwards is failing the people who count on him the most.”


About Truth in Politics

TIP is an organization whose purpose is to hold Gov. John Bel Edwards accountable for his policies that hurt Louisiana’s economy, damage its education system, increase state taxes and make life harder for everyday Louisiana families. TIP is registered and is in good standing as a Louisiana non-profit corporation with the Louisiana Secretary of State, has federal tax identification and is a 501(c)(4) organization.

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