John Bel Edwards: Just Another Failed Politician

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Louisiana taxpayers are frustrated over the lack of solutions from Governor John Bel Edwards to fix the state’s key problems. The governor consistently trots out the same failing plan: raise your taxes. Despite more and more tax dollars being spent by Edwards, Louisianans still are not getting what they deserve.

John Bel Edwards has no plan to make Louisiana’s government work better for the people.

Even in the face of waste, fraud and a shrinking economy under Gov. Edwards, he still asks us to put more hard-earned money into a government that is broken.

So, what is the issue? Why can’t Gov. Edwards seem to offer any other solutions to fix Louisiana? Where is all your hard-earned taxpayer money going?

The answer: Louisiana has a massive spending problem.

When you compare Louisiana to the states we aspire to be in terms of economic strength, such as Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas, Gov. Edwards spends 40 percent more per capita with nothing to show for it.

Even Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas understands the dire straits Louisiana’s economy finds itself in these days with his recent comments about how Gov. Edwards’ mishandling of our state’s economy is directly benefiting his neighboring state.

Unfortunately, the facts and figures back up Abbott’s claims.

According to a report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, and after analyzing data from the National Association of State Budget Officers and the US Census, it’s clear to see that Louisiana spends much more on a per capita basis than the most economically vibrant states in the region.

Even when you analyze average spending and population for every state in our region, Gov. Edwards still spends 40 percent more per person than the southern average.

This continual waste of taxpayer money is hurting hard-working Louisianans, and taxpayers are beginning to wake up to this reality. There’s a reason over fifty thousand people have left Louisiana during Gov. Edwards’ time in office.

Sadly, jobs and opportunity are elsewhere. Places like Texas, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee are passing us up. A big reason is that Gov. Edwards never seems to improve anything despite the high taxes we give him and the record level of government spending he oversees.

Louisiana should demand more for our hard-earned tax dollars. Other states throughout the Southeast use their tax dollars more efficiently, yet Gov. Edwards has no plan to fix what is broken.

Spend more and get less? To taxpayers in Louisiana, it just doesn’t make sense.