Governor John Bel Edwards Fails Louisiana Education

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From diapers to dorm rooms, Governor John Bel Edwards has a track record of mortgaging the state’s future by repeatedly failing students in Louisiana.

This is especially true of Louisiana’s low income families, who desperately rely on governmental assistance to gain access to good schools and educational programs for their children.

Governor Edwards tried to take away education reforms. The governor’s task force recommended dropping letter grades for public schools in 2017 – a reform that helps parents judge the effectiveness of their school and makes the schools more accountable.

Despite promises Edwards made about the school voucher program during his campaign, he put a proposal on the table early in his tenure that wanted to slash funding for the scholarship program and leave nearly 1,000 students looking for someplace else to go to school.

Recently, State Superintendent of Education John White told the Press Club of Baton Rouge “the most glaring failing of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ budget plan is the lack of money to address a 3,300-family waiting list for early child care and education.”

White said that, without new state dollars, that waiting list will rise to nearly 10,000 families at the end of the year when a federal subsidy expires.

“This budget does not include a dime,” [White] told the Press Club of Baton Rouge.

Now thousands of parents wait, desperate to help their children.

Even college kids are not safe from Governor Edwards’ budget cutting wrath. He’s tried to cut TOPS multiple times, most recently to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our students deserve to have an education that best suits them, so why does Governor John Bel Edwards keep trying to take away this opportunity?