Louisiana Spends More Money, Gets Less

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What if you spent a significantly higher percentage of your monthly household budget than your friends but endured a vastly inferior quality of life. Sounds crazy, right?

That’s exactly the situation Louisiana finds itself in these days when it comes to state government spending. Louisiana spends 40 percent more on average than other states, but nothing seems to improve. How can states like Texas, Georgia, Florida and Tennessee figure out how to run efficient governments, yet Louisiana continues to flush money down the toilet?

On top of that, Governor John Bel Edwards continues to raise your taxes instead of allowing temporary tax increases to expire. The governor refuses to cut government waste, raises your taxes, and has no plan to fix what is broken in Louisiana. What’s up with that?

Why is Governor Edwards’ repeated answer to fixing “fiscal cliffs” to raise your taxes? Why can’t his administration tighten its belt, cut waste and use your taxpayer money more efficiently?

Louisiana citizens deserve more for their tax dollars. Wouldn’t you enjoy better healthcare, better schools for your children and better roads for your commute? Of course you would.

Texas and Florida are living large, and Louisiana continues to fall behind. Louisianans deserve a plan to truly move our state in the right direction, using taxpayer money efficiently and effectively to benefit our citizens.

The question remains, will we ever see that plan? The ball is in your court, Governor Edwards.