Louisiana Ranks As Worst State To Find A Job

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It’s been well documented that Louisiana continues to dwell at the bottom of most important categories under Governor John Bel Edwards’ leadership. From the economy to education to healthcare, the state’s rankings at worse than ever, and there’s no sign of improvement.

Now, Louisiana can add yet another regrettable accolade to the laundry list of terrible rankings. A new survey from Zippia ranks America’s best state’s for jobs, and Louisiana is dead last.

The Republican Governor’s Association places the blame squarely on the shoulders of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, citing the governor’s “job-killing, anti-business agenda” as the primary reason for Louisiana’s lowly ranking.


Louisiana’s economy continues to fall behind thanks to Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards’ job-killing, anti-business agenda.

New rankings released by Zippia show that Louisiana is now the worst state to find a job in the nation. This comes as Edwards faces criticism for making Louisiana’s economy “one of the worst” in the country, consistently sitting among the bottom ten states for business during his term. Edwards’ changes to Louisiana’s Industrial Tax Exemption Program, which have forced numerous businesses to flee the state and move across the border to Texas, have also drawn the ire of the state’s business community in recent weeks.

Louisiana’s economy is in decline as a direct result of John Bel Edwards’ failed management and job-killing policies. Louisiana deserves better.


Last year The Advocate reported that Louisiana’s GDP shrank for a second straight year and ranked last in country’s rate of economic growth.


Louisiana posted its second straight yearly decline in gross domestic product in 2017, putting the state last in country’s rate of economic growth.

The state’s GDP rate was minus-0.2 percent in 2017, following a minus-0.4 percent rate in 2016, according to the latest report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Despite a booming national economy, Louisiana’s economy is clearly trending in the wrong direction under Governor Edwards. He continues to raise taxes, and yet Louisiana still has the third worst unemployment and economic development projects are down nearly 75%.

And now, this! Louisianans cannot catch a break under the governor’s leadership.