Louisiana Heading in the Wrong Direction Under Governor John Bel Edwards

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Do you know the truth about Governor John Bel Edwards?

In his reelection campaign announcement video, the governor falsely claimed that Louisiana is heading in the right direction because of his leadership and policies.

In fact, a deeper look at the impacts of his time as governor reveals the opposite is true. Louisiana is trending in a negative direction.

One example of the state’s negative trajectory is the U.S. News & World Report‘s naming of Louisiana as the worst state in America for THREE straight years during Edwards’ tenure in Baton Rouge.

These rankings take into account health care, education, infrastructure, economy, crime, quality of life and a variety of other factors, and Louisiana has three-peated as the worst state.

When evaluating the direction Louisiana is heading:

Why did Governor Edwards raise your taxes by $463 million in 2018?

Why does Louisiana still have the third worst unemployment rate?

Why is Louisiana ranked last in economic growth despite a booming national economy?

Why are economic development projects down nearly 75%?

Do not allow yourself to be misled by inaccurate information. Louisiana is headed in the wrong direction.

As a citizen of this great state, you should be downright concerned.