Gov. Edwards Breaks Promise to Louisiana’s Senior Citizens

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Governor John Bel Edwards continues to break his promise to provide more Louisiana elderly citizens with at-home care rather than being forced to live in a nursing home.

After making countless promises to AARP of Louisiana during his campaign, The Advocate’s recent report spotlights Gov. Edwards’ continued inaction regarding long-term managed care for Louisiana’s seniors.

More than two years later, having won the election, Edwards has taken no action. Though the governor maintains his commitment hasn’t wavered, his support seems to have grown tepid as he often casts doubt on whether the policy is the right course to pursue.

This year, his words have come back to haunt him.

“My commitment is to do everything possible to make sure individuals get to stay in their homes longer, as they want to. Long-term managed care, with a comprehensive model, including nursing homes, is absolutely my goal,” Edwards said in a recorded interview in 2015 with AARP of Louisiana, noting that several states had already implemented the policy change.

Recent legislation has been shot down, as Louisiana politicians continue to put nursing home special interests before the state’s elderly population.

Meanwhile, the one man who promised to make a difference and work for Louisiana’s senior citizens, and has the power to pass a recently proposed “long-term managed care” plan with the stroke of his pen, has refused to act.

Edwards’ administration could implement the plan by directing the Louisiana Department of Health to do so, without the need for any legislation

The governor continues to make excuses for why he has yet to honor his campaign promises to Louisiana seniors.

Is it possible that the over $700,000 Gov. Edwards has received from the nursing home industry in campaign donations may have something to with his inaction?

Rather than save Louisiana money by allowing more seniors to opt for at-home care, the governor continues to put special interests at the top of his agenda.