Attention Gov. Edwards: Louisiana Needs Jobs, Not Lawsuits and Taxes

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Attention Gov. Edwards: Louisiana needs your help, in the form of more jobs for our citizens, and the state needs those jobs now.

The Louisiana Oil & Gas Association (LOGA) recently released its Fall 2017 LOGA Industry Report, detailing the latest news in the state’s oil and gas industry.

Included in the publication was an entry from Jim Harris, Coalition Coordinator of the Coalition for Common Sense (CCS), and Melissa Landry, Executive Director of Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch (LLAW), entitled “The People’s Message: Focus on Jobs, Not Lawsuits and Taxes.” The entry lays out some startling data on the state’s abysmal recent economy and job growth.

The two organizations recently launched a petition, which has already collected over 10,000 signatures from Louisiana residents across the state, to urge Gov. John Bel Edwards to “refocus his agenda on job creation and improving the state’s economy.”

“Since taking office in 2016, Gov. Edwards has also aggressively worked to expand that state’s role in coastal lawsuits targeting Louisiana’s oil and natural gas industry, which provides thousands of good jobs,” writes Harris and Landry. “In fact, Gov. Edwards recently hired one of his top political fundraisers to represent the governor’s office and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources in an anticipated wave of new lawsuits against the industry…”

A quick look at the numbers provided by CCS & LLAW reveals a dire situation for the people of Louisiana:

  • Second worst economy in the United States
  • Third highest unemployment rate in the country
  • Seventh worst state for business in America
  • 49th in employment
  • 114,900 Louisianans still jobless and out of work.

The people of Louisiana deserve better from their elected officials. It’s time for Gov. Edwards to wake up and put the interests of Louisianans before the interests of his trial lawyer friends and wealthy campaign donors.