Ode to John Bel Edwards

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Earlier this week, Louisiana Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne unveiled his “Ode to the 2017 Session.” Dardenne’s clever words inspired Truth In Politics to write our very own poem…


Ode to John Bel Edwards

We knew it’d be impossible
For the governor to agree
On any sensible budget plan
To help Louisiana families

Edwards introduced new taxes
And asked for mammoth spending
He fought to grow big government
An act not worth defending

He squabbled with the Speaker
And tried to smear his name
The independent House stood firm
They wouldn’t play his game

A House budget was passed in May
An event that’s worth a mention
The Senate wouldn’t compromise
And the session ended in dissension

Dardenne’s ode to session
Is the only thing of note
Penned by the poetic paws
Of the governor’s chief turncoat

The governor was beside himself
And frustrated with the House
He said ‘they need to grow up’
Because his budget they would not espouse

Every taxpayer dollar
Will be appropriated
Until the midyear shortfalls
When the House will be vindicated

And somewhere economies are growing
Somewhere with leaders, no doubt
But there is no leadership in Baton Rouge
John Bel Edwards has struck out.