John Bel Edwards lacks leadership, is failing Louisiana

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Dear John Bel,

When we first met you promised so much, and talked and talked about the honor code.

You spoke out against higher taxes1 and promised to fix government.

But now, you’ve changed.

I mean, we all knew you’d have to work with Republicans in the legislature to get anything done John.

But look at you now, there’s no leadership.

The future you want…more taxes,2 more spending…it won’t work for us.3

And all the drama. It’s so exhausting.

Remember that time you threatened to cancel college football? We kind of laughed that off – but now I can see the pattern. You make dramatic threats to scare people. Threaten to cut money from our schools,4 close hospitals, take away help for those in need.5 And TOPS, you cut it last year and this year? Your own budget wanted to slash TOPS funding even more.6

Let’s face it, you’ve got a serious spending problem.

John Bel, you already spend more than our neighboring states. WAY MORE. Like 30 percent more.7

Let’s be honest…your tax increases are driving up costs on everything and that makes life hard. Much harder.

John, you asked to be governor, signed up for the run, but the sad truth is, you’re not doing your job.

We’re so disappointed John Bel. We thought you’d be different from other politicians…but you’re not.