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Truth in Politics’ new widely distributed ad highlights Edwards’ lack of leadership and failed policy decisions

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Baton Rouge, La. (May 23, 2017) — Truth in Politics (TIP) today launched a video as part of a multi-week campaign highlighting how Gov. John Bel Edwards’ policies and lack of leadership have hurt his relationship with Louisiana voters.

The video opens on the Louisiana State Capitol building and cuts to a woman writing a letter and narrating it, as a heart-shaped framed photograph of Gov. Edwards sits on her desk. She begins by discussing the promises made during Edwards’ campaign for governor, including his repeated claims of operating under an “honor code” and focusing on not raising taxes on Louisianans if elected.

The woman in the video notes that Edwards has shown a lack of leadership by failing to collaborate with the legislature and instead moving forward with increased taxes and spending policies. “We all knew you’d have to work with Republicans in the legislature to get anything done, John,” the woman says. “But look at you now. There’s no leadership.”

The video also discusses Edwards’ constant threats of cutting funding to vital services and programs, including the time last year when he said college football could be on the chopping block. “You make dramatic threats to scare people,” the woman in the video says. “Threaten to cut money from our schools, close hospitals, take away help for those in need… and TOPS, you cut it last year. And this year? Your own budget wanted to slash TOPS funding even more.”

The video says Edwards has a “serious spending problem,” and points to the fact that his administration has spent approximately 30 percent more than neighboring states. It also says the governor’s tax increases are making life harder and driving up costs on essentials for Louisiana citizens.

The video concludes by calling on Edwards to do the job he signed up for during the election. “We’re so disappointed John Bel,” the woman in the video says in closing. “We thought you’d be different from other politicians, but you’re not. Sincerely, Louisiana.”

“Despite record spending levels, Gov. Edwards has tried to hold Louisiana taxpayers hostage with threats of cuts to essential services if dramatic tax increases are not approved,” said Kelli Bottger, executive director of TIP. “This does not reflect the honor code Edwards supposedly ran on, and the people of Louisiana are demanding this governor to stop the threats and abusive tax increases and cut wasteful spending.”

Founded in March 2017 by business and community leaders from across Louisiana, TIP is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inform all Louisianans of bad government policies that hurt the state’s people and economy. Visit TruthInPolitics.com for more information and updates, and follow the organization on Facebook at facebook.com/TruthInPoliticsLo uisiana or on Twitter at twitter.com/TruthInPolLA.


About Truth in Politics
Truth in Politics (TIP) is a 501(c)(4) organization whose purpose is to bring truth to Louisiana politics, deliver the facts about bad policies that hurt Louisiana and build grassroots support for alternative approaches to our state’s challenges.

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