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Baton Rouge, La. (April 25, 2017) — The following is a statement from Truth in Politics (TIP) Executive Director Kelli Bottger regarding the deferral of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ proposed Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) today.

“Not only was the roll-out of this legislation completely botched, but the tax itself is a bad idea. The Governor has continually demonstrated a complete disregard for how Louisiana’s economy works. This failed European-style tax model would have been a death-blow to our already struggling economy, which is why Louisianan’s overwhelmingly opposed this radical new tax plan.

Adding to this is the fact that in TIP’s recent poll of Louisianans from across the state, nearly half of all respondents strongly opposed establishing the CAT, and more than 61 percent strongly opposed it when informed of the potential economic impact and job loss that could result from its implementation. When referring to Gov. Edwards’ proposed 2018 budget, nearly 80 percent of those polled said the state government already taxes and spends too much revenue. Local and national media also chimed in with criticisms of the CAT, including Forbes, which quoted many top economists as calling the proposal ‘terrible,’ ‘misguided’ and ‘the most harmful’ form of taxation.

Every day, more Louisianans are becoming aware of how Gov. Edwards’ failed leadership and economic policies are hurting our state. It is time for the governor and his administration to listen to the people and put this awful, burdensome tax to bed for good.”


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